Want to have your Virgin Hair Color again?

Throughout the years of coloring have you ever wondered what your natural hair color would look like again? Regret the box color and playing kitchen hairstylist or the day you thought brunettes would have more fun?

You can now have refreshing start to a sexy, timeless trend incorporating balayage, ombre and sombre techniques. Just like white pants, you no longer have to match your hair color with the season.

If you knew you could be a Hair Virgin again while repairing your hair, would you?

With an innovative treatment we can now extract artificial pigment without altering or stripping your natural hair color. It's completely ammonia, formaldehyde, bleach and peroxide FREE. Color corrections are now less damaging and more gentle on your hair. Whether you feel your hair color is too dark, uneven, or has an unwanted tone to it, we can now correct that with this game-changing service! We've even transformed clients from black back to blonde!

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