Olaplex the godsend behind Kim Kardashian's blonde makeover!

It's a revolutionary haircare ingredient used by Kim Kardashian and supposedly the godsend behind her blonde makeover. You'd think we've discovered everything there is to know about hair.

We have extensions that are so seamless, they could have actually sprouted from your own scalp and color that defies greys. So how could we possibly improve on an industry so saturated with solutions to fix all your mane woes? One little word- Olaplex. I first heard about Olaplex from social media. Initially, it was just another overused hashtag until I discovered what the hype was about. I couldn't imagine coloring without it now. It's insurance for my clients hair. It's a word that you'll be hearing uttered in awe from colleagues, hairdressers and bloggers all around the country.

What is it?

One ingredient! It is used as a mixer in color, intense in-salon treatments and, as a take-home cream for use as a weekly mask. When added to color, it stops the color or bleach from causing any damage to your hair follicle, and applied as a treatment, it works to rebuild the bridges between disulfide bonds (when broken, they become brittle - hence thinning and split ends.) Its not a conditioning treatment rather a bond multiplier.

A chemistry phenomenon!

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